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LampizatOr Golden Atlantic

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For sale is my own Lampizator Golden Atlantic that I own since begiining of 2017.

This is historical unit, because this is the 1st Golden Atlantic ever built. Lukasz Fikus spent some time perfecting it.

Also it has all the internals upscaled vs standard production Golden Atlantic where it mattered (I wanted my ultimate unit).

I am not affraid to say that this is the best sounding GA out there. This is true to Atlantic initial idea R2R version with high res PCM and 256 DSD.

Normally I would say that you can put PCM and 512 DSD in if you want, but this one is too good to touch. Its best left alone and enjoyed.

I had quite a few Lampizator DACs, all models from Level 2.5 really and this one I like best.

To beat this one you need to spend WAYYYY more money. Pacific kind of money in fact...





- Toslink


EML rectifier is almost new and 4P1L tubes will be new for new owner.



Price: 5000E


Please write if you have questions or want more photos.


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I am interested. I now have the first ever produced Atlantic plus. I more or less insisted on tube rectification. Lukasz agreed, as part of an experiment,. Rectifier is inside dac. It has DAC 7 board. 


Can you make pictures of the inside of the DAC. What are the extras that Lukasz put in your DAC compared to regular Golden Atlantic.

You are located in Sweden. Correct? I live in The Netherlands.

Hope you inform me.

Best regards,


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Hello Walter


I will send you a message today in the evening with all the answers. 
I will most likely want your dac as part of payment if we cut a deal. I know someone that would love it so please think about the price that is right for you. 

Best regards,




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Michal, That is no problem. Be aware, my atlantic dac has no USB and/or DSD. Only R2R. It has black faceplate. Paid 4000 Euro for it,  was thinking about 2500 Euro for used unit.


PS. i have more pictures







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