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The Hazelrigg Brothers

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I wanted to share with everyone a couple of amazing albums.


First off is the album "EP". Beautiful music.  Featuring Piano, Bass and Drums the songs are extremely well recorded and I feel as if I am there when listening to their music.  My favorite would be "The Wind Cries Mary".  While you might think that you can't redo the Hendrix classic, the Hazelrigg Brothers do an amazing job bringing the song to life.  Head over to Blue Coast Records and listen for yourself.  The album can be found here.  The other songs are just amazing also.


On their second album "Songs We Like" the brothers play some of their favorite songs.  As in the EP release there are Piano, Bass and Drums.  The albums starts off with a great Jethro Tull cover "Living in the Past".  The 3 track is a cover of Jimi Hendrix's If 6 were 9.  I just love it.  The second to last song is a cover of The Police's "Spirits in a Material World".  This is my favorite on the album as I have always been a huge fan of the Police.  Highly Recommended.  You can find it here.


As with everything released by Blue Coast Records the recordings are amazing.  It really make my stream sound great :)





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Nice one! From the web site:

Provenance: Recorded in DSD128 and remastered using our proprietary SEA Process in DSD256.
Album Credits: Geoff Hazelrigg - Bass, George Hazelrigg - Piano, John O'Reilly, Jr. - Drums

Pity the 15% discount ended yesterday >:(

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