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Looking for a new headphone amp for a specific situation: drive a stand-alone headphone system in a home study.


No loudspeakers.


Roon-Ready streaming Tidal/Qobuz/NAS will be only source. 


Ideally, I could find a high-end, class A tube amp with balanced phone outs,...with DAC and streamer built-in. 


BUT, I prefer to not compromise amp or DAC quality in order to jam all functions into a single box. 2 components would be fine. 



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That won't be easy, there are not many single box tube solutions out there.

I was looking for one myself, and ended up with an Unison Research SH. Beautiful amp, nice dac, but it is not balanced and not a streamer, not Roon-ready. 


Perhaps Woo? You could check out headfi.org and/or InnerFidelty (avoid Rafe Arnott's "reviews" , you should look for the stuff Tyll wrote).


If you forget the tubes, you have - depending on your budget - a lot more choice (GoldNote, DCS, Auralic, to name a few).



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