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I need help for a server

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I am presently streaming music in flac on my phone to a Chromecast audio connected by an optical cable to an Audiolab M-DAC.  I am 67 years hold and not much of a computer guy.


I would like to find a server to which I would connect a hard drive and wire it to my M-DAC.  I have tried to use Plex on my computer.  I have more than 5,000 CDs, 95% classical that I have ripped to a hard drive.  Plex was not adequate because my library structure is for example    Classical composers-Beethoven-Solo Instrumental Music- Piano-Piano Sonatas.   When I ripped my library, I did not use many tags.   Mostly Classical and Composers.   With Plex, I ended up with to many CD labels to go through.  I would like an app or a server that allow me to search what I want to listen to by digging into the file structure, a bit like File explorer in Windows.  I have seen products like Cambridge or others but they all have their own dac and since I have a relatively good DAC, I want to continue to use it.


I am looking for something that is easy to use as I am not technically oriented.  I could also use a spare computer that I have and connect it to my DAC with a usb cable passed through the wall (I don't want the computer in my listening room because its fan is noisy).  I am looking for a solution that would cost me between $500-1000.

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