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Ayre QB-9 Twenty upgrade

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15 hours ago, Ryan Berry said:


There really shouldn't be a noticeable difference between the two as the DSD portion of the data's the same.  Of course, without the DoP information, the maximum speed can be doubled, but "native" (I prefer to think of it more as "raw") DSD 64 vs. DSD via DoP 64 should really about be the same.  I think your ears are spot-on.




Great point of clarification Ryan. What I’m most curious about pertains to the doubling of max speed aspect you noted. In my case, being able to go from DSD128 via DoP as the max, to “Native” DSD256. 

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Hi, the QB-9 is not a digital hub, so there is no USB transport with an app on a tablet etc. Transports are costly, Lumin and Auralic ask 2000 euro, and they are not completely USB focused. I paid 1790 euro for the twenty upgrade, it will be the upgrade from the original 24/96. It is being built this week and it will be nice surely and I will be happy. There is the USB bridge a DIY computer, but I do not build computers, I don't. Pro-ject pimped this DIY computer into the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. I listen to Qobuz studio 24/192 records too so I will need the Ayre USB driver. This transport will be a budget solution like the QB-9 24/96 was. The twenty upgrade is also in a way somewhat affordable. Lumin will be better than Pro-ject, but I spent enough. Can I use the Pro-ject with the Ayre USB driver for 24/192 Qobuz? Thank you, best wishes Yoram

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