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Modern Lore by Julian Lage

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Artists: Julian Lage

Record Label: Mack Avenue

Genre: Jazz

Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com



Julian Lage – guitar

Scott Colley – bass

Kenny Wollesen – drums, vibraphone


Produced by Jesse Harris

Mixed by Tom Schick


As the cover suggests, Modern Lore is a vibrant, multi-colored and lively album with punish guitar work that is embedded in the wonderful interplay of Colley, Wollesen and Lage. Thanks in part to the efforts of producer Jesse Harris (who here and there also makes guest contributions on guitar, casio and maracas) you get a remarkably warm registration with spry passages here. For example, hear the fresh vibrancy of blues-soaked The Ramble, with which the trio seems to communicate: they can jam a bit if they really feel like it. Modern Lore is again a clean showcase of the guitar talent of Lage, who often comes out masterfully and sometimes virtuoso. Fresh and beautiful album by a master guitarist who has more than earned his spurs.


Tracklist Modern Lore

  1. The Ramble
  2. Atlantic Limited
  3. General Thunder
  4. Roger The Dodger
  5. Wordsmith
  6. Splendor Riot
  7. Revelry
  8. Look Book
  9. Whatever You Say, Henry
  10. Earth Science
  11. Pantheon





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