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Streaming questions Hijack,dirac,ropieee etc

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Hello guys 

I have some problems. Hopping somebody knows about them.


1) i have hijack and Roon. I am using hijack because dirac supports only vst while roon not. So i make a session in hijack as roon-dirac-dac. It works. However i can't find a way to add the endpoint raspberry (ropieee) to the session.


2) I have some clicks and pops. I don't know if the hijack or my macbook make them. any thoughts?!


3) As trying my endpoint with a tplink repeater 650-ethercable-switcher cisco-ethernet cable-raspberry(ropieee)-usb cable 0.5m-ifi iusb 3.0-usb cable-0,3m usb cable-igalvanic ifi- 1m usb cable dac. I loose the signal as in my macbook works fine.


Thanx guys.

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