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Newbie: building a MCH/HT system around UDP205

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I recently bought a UDP205 principally for stereo audio, but am now thinking about using it in my first MCH audio and Home Theatre system. I have maybe a couple of hundred MCH SACDs, most of which are also ripped to iso (for now).  My musical taste is mainly orchestral classical.


My plan is to use the analogue outputs of the Oppo for  audio (inc for HT) some points I’d be grateful for collective wisdom on:


is it safe/desirable to rely on the Oppo’s vol control and go straight to a 5 channel power amp?


for optimum performance, it’s best to use the Oppo’s stereo output for F L+R , then MCH outputs for remaining channels so that both DAC  chips are used?


any recommendations as to a sub £2k 5 channel power amp,  for someone used to a pretty transparent stereo set up?


I’m thinking about using 5 Kef LS50s + sub.  Does that sound a sensible choice for speakers, any sub recommendation?


Does the Oppo play MCH DSD and PCM via attached storage, network shares, DLNA and USB DAC input, or just from SACD/DVD-A?  


As I’m starting from scratch, should  I be thinking of  7.1 instead?



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