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Arclight by Julian Lage

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Arclight by Julian Lage


Artists: Julian Lage

Record Label: Mack Avenue

Genre: Jazz

Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com



Producer: Jesse Harris

Mixer: Cian Riordan


With his fourth album Arclight he once again shows what a great guitarist he is. Lage is not only technically super gifted but he also knows how to amaze and emotion with his game. It is unbelievable how he makes his virtuosity sound so fluid and almost "easy". With the great Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wollessen, he has put together a wonderful trio for Arclight that knows exactly how to fill it in musically in both the more straightforward compositions and the more challenging tracks (Stop Go Start). Arclight was recorded by Jesse Harris, also a musician himself and best known for his compositional contributions to the album Come Away With Me, the incredibly successful debut by Norah Jones. He provided a spit-clear, beautifully direct sound that gives Arclight a glorious extra.


Tracklist Arclight:

  1. Fortune Teller
  2. Persian Rug
  3. Nocturne
  4. Supera
  5. Stop Go Start
  6. Activate
  7. Presley
  8. Prospero
  9. I’ll Be Seeing You
  10. Harlem Blues
  11. Ryland





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