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Group buy idea: 'Super intergrated' streaming amplifiers - your opinions please

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Hi Everyone,


I keep thinking that it would be great if a media centre/HTPC style enclosure existed that came with an integrated stereo amplifier (e.g. Ncore MP series, or ICEPower ICE Edge) - the case would have two sections to provide EMI shielding between the two.  It would accept up to full size ATX motherboards and incorporate an integral ATX power supply (optimised for audio - very close or matching the performance of a linear power supply, but much much cheaper).  It would be designed to run Euphony due to its software based volume control, but users could potentially run other software (and dual boot if a second hard drive was installed to enable it to operate as a dedicated audio system, or as other normal functions, such as running windows is so desired).


Apparently, the cost of a one off enclosure by Protocase would be in the region of £1,500, but costs fall off quite quickly once numbers are increased.  An example similar to what I'm thinking of:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nverse-the-most-versatile-small-computer-case#/.  Obviously the case I'm suggesting would be larger, but gives you an idea of quality I'm after.


I would seek to keep the ambition small and just with members of this forum (e.g. 10 cases to start with?).  Basic option would be that I'd supply the cases with the amplifier modules already installed (as these are OEM amplifier modules) and also preinstalled the audiophile optimised ATX power supply as a minimum.  Or you could have the whole turn-key system the box fully loaded with all of the necessary components if you didn't likethe idea of specifying your own motherboard/processor etc....

Based on my experiences, this Euphony / Ncore or Icepower combination is a serious challenger to any high-end commercial offering, but we could undercut them significantly on price.


Anyone interested in this?  What do you think to this idea?


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