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Bad Ass Cord (Literally)

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With that name on it, I’m sure it’s lowered the noise floor caused by the air conditioner 😁. You know there’s a lot more like that coming.  Interesting company, it would be helpful to label all my X-Mass light extension cords. 

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I had something like that happen over a decade ago - bought an electric, very heavy duty, mulching shredder, which clearly stated, do not use long extension cords with this. And it was understandable why - if the machine choked on too heavy a load the current draw went through the roof, and would trigger the circuit breaker, back at the house; a poor extension cord would exacerbate the voltage drop, and make the machine perform even worse.


Trouble was, the spot where I wanted to shred was far from the house, and it was impossible to buy an extension cord with a very high current rating - meaning lots of copper in it, to reduce the resistance per length. Ended up locating the one electrical wholesaler in the area that had a roll of flexible, high amperage cable - and made up an extension cord ... and that worked fine.






Ahhh, Mankind ... Porsche intellect, Trabant emotions ...

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