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Great series on sound recording if you can catch it

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also broadcasting now on PBS for free

"The overwhelming majority [of audiophiles] have very little knowledge, if any, about the most basic principles and operating characteristics of audio equipment. They often base their purchasing decisions on hearsay, and the preaching of media sages. Unfortunately, because of commercial considerations, much information is rooted in increasing revenue, not in assisting the audiophile. It seems as if the only requirements for becoming an "authority" in the world of audio is a keyboard."

-- Bruce Rozenblit of Transcendent Sound

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On 8/7/2019 at 2:17 PM, Soothsayerman said:



Great series if you can catch it streaming on Amazon and Itunes or your local PBS station





It’s a re-run from 2017, and I suspect it’s fine if one is into pop and rock. I watched it first time around, and ultimately found very little of interest. My main interest in sound recording is classical music (with a smattering of naturally recorded jazz thrown-in for good measure), so the producers and artists they spotlighted meant little or nothing tome. But then, that’s my problem and no one else’s. I’m sure it’s very interesting to those who listen/like that type of music. 


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