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Who owns a Lynx Hilo DAC & has experienced this issue?  

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Not sure how this post will flow as I've not done a POLL before here.


So, I've been fighting with a horrific issue while using my Lynx Hilo USB that involves it sending full scale 0dbfs Pops/Thuds out all channels when it locks up each time a sample rate change occurs. As an example, if I am playing a playlist that has a 16/44 Redbook file playing and the very next song is 24/96 the unit will lock up, show near full scale bars across most of the USB channels as seen from the All-IO screen and start to puke out distorted hash/noise from the speakers. I end up jumping up in fear/horror for the volume control to kill the noise.


But even worse is that when this happens the only escape is to hard power off the unit but in doing so it pukes out full scale pops/thuds to all connected channels. Sometimes the power cycle takes several attempts to clear the issue. Sometimes changing "Scenes" will clear the issue. Both of these are not predictable and you never know which one will fix the problem.


I use ROON as my music server, Windows 10 Pro x64 and all the latest Firmware/Drivers from the Lynx website.


I've messed with the ASIO USB control panel settings to no avail which include changing the "window" and "Buffer" sizes. Right now I'm using "Normal" and have used previously the stricter settings available. I have not tried to relax these settings any further which is an option if I wanted.


I have also configured ROON to send 100ms of silence to the DAC prior to changing sample rates which is a setting found in the DAC properties in ROON. This made no difference.


Does any of this sound familiar to other Lynx Hilo owners? Have you found a fix? If so, what was it?


I suspect one fix would be to use the ROON SRC to down/up sample everything to one common rate but who wants to do that?


Thanks for any thoughts on this

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Also, one thing I forgot to mention is that I'm fairly certain this is a Hilo/Windows specific issue as when using my Benchmark DAC3 and or my Benchmark DAC1 and or my previous Meitner MA1 under Windows this is a non issue. Same story under Linux, all work without even a hiccup. Lynx Hilo doesn't work under Linux so can't try there.



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