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J River Mediajukebox set up question


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Hello all,


I am using a DAC to play albums on the hard drive on my stereo through J River Midea player. When I access the internet radio it plays through the PC speakers. If I change the control panel sound source from my sound card to the DAC the internet plays on the stereo speakers but the hard drive albums plays though the PC speakers!


Would someone please help me solve this problem!


I am currently using Win XP but will be purchasing a dedicated PC with Win 7 in the near future.








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Hi there,


Some web media sites might play audio in a browser instead of through the J. River audio engine. You can sometimes configure this on the web media site, so that it returns a standard M3U we can play natively.


To configure the audio to target the proper sound card, I would recommend the great setup guide here at Computer Audiophile:



Or our somewhat dryer instructions:






Matt Ashland, JRiver

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> When I access the internet radio it plays through the PC speakers.


What is "it"? Are you playing internet radio through JRMJ or through your browser?


> If I change the control panel sound source from my sound card

> to the DAC the internet plays on the stereo speakers but

> the hard drive albums plays though the PC speakers!


JRMJ can output audio through any audio output device on your computer. You specify which device to use via a command. In JRMC 14 which is like MCMJ 14, you would use the Player/Playback Options/Playback options command. In the dialog that comes up, click on output mode settings. Beside the word "device", there is a dropdown list of the audio output devices you can choose. You can choose a specific device or you can specify the Windows default device. In MC 14 on a Win XP system, the default device is called "Primary Sound Driver".


If I choose, "primary sound driver", then whatever device I select in the Windows control panel will be used by JRMJ. if I chose "Realtek HD Audio rear output" instead, then JRMC would always send output to that device even if I changed the default device in the Windows control panel.


In Win 7, the default device might have a different name. In other versions of JRMC/JRMJ, the menu command might have a differenr name or be in a different place. (IN JRMC 12 or JRMJ 12, the Playback options were in the Tools/Options/Playback dialog.)












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Matt & Bill, thanks for the info.


Matt, I don't know how to change to M3U.

I have read both set up guides and confirmed my settings for both the PC and JRMJ and still cannot solve the problem.


Bill, I was not clear on the "it", it is the "Podcast" on the JRMJ. Possibly this is the problem? I don't see any other access for the Internet.


In any event, I have ordered a new PC and will install JRMC on it and hopefully I will have access to the Internet through my stereo system.


Thanks again,




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There are some complications here that are not specific to JRMJ. Here is a list of internet radio stations playing classical music.


Bartók Rádió (Hungary)

MP3 at 320kbps


BBC R3 WMA 192 (but only if you in UK)



D-dur (Czech Republic)


OGG at 224kbps


Vltava (Czech Republic)


OGG at 224kbps


Devín (Slovakia)


OGG at 256kbps


Radio 4 (Netherlands)


MP3 at 192kbps


Radio Swiss Classic (Switzerland)


AAC+ at 64kbps (sounds like MP3 at 160-192kbps)


Play Classical (UK)


AAC+ at 64kbps (sounds like MP3 at 160-192kbps)



Note that all these links look like internet addresses. Some end in what looks like a file extension (.ogg for example.) m3u is a cue file type. I played the following station using the steps below.




1. Copy the full link from a browser page where uyou found it to the clipboard.

2. From the JRMJ "File" menu, choose the "Open URL" command. A small dialog appears. Paste the station's URL into the text box and click on the "OK" button. For stations that can be played outside their own web page, this should start the station playing.

3. If you like the radio station, you can add it to a playlist.

4. Right-click on the word "Playlists" below the Audio views on the left side of the MJ window. Choose add playlist and give the new playlist a name. Now go to the playing now view and drag the line for your station (It will say "http stream") to the new playlist.


Some addresses may not play in JRMJ. (The .asx url above did not play in JRMC 15 just now.) You may have to play those in your web browser. It is messy but that's life.





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