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Coaxial to Ethernet Conversion

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I currently have an ActionTec coax to ethernet converter. It is cable to handle up to 250 mbps one direction and 175 mbps bi-directional. 

The internet speed on the dedicated laptop that controls my music system shows a speed of 99 mbps that I am quite happy with. 

My question is whether there are higher quality converters that may improve streaming and download sound quality?




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Are you concerned about bandwidth?  The physical layer usually doesn't have an impact except for the bandwidth.



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Thanks Soothsayerman. The reality is I am a crazy audiophile that wants to be sure when I down or stream hi-res music that I am not corrupting my file as it arrives. I don't know if there is a better unit for the conversion than the Actiontec unit I am using. It may be a speed or bandwidth or just quality of build I am trying to figure out. There may not be any real issue here just irrational thoughts. 🙂


As for the table you posted. I have no idea what it is telling me. Is there some place I can go to find a description of it. 

Thanks again,


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In case Soothsayerman left the building :





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It really depends on your chain. I am using an Actiontec coax to Ethernet and I am getting my rated speed but my Router is a 1 GBs Asus. You want your chain rated higher than your throughput.


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