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New dedicated computers and new case

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On 7/30/2019 at 1:14 AM, FelipeRolim said:

Hello friends. I created this topic to share with you the photos of the new case I built for dedicated computers (the software is the same as always - Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Core Mode and JPLAY FEMTO). With more time, I will insert in the descriptions about the reasons that led me to adopt this new layout, as well as the sound that I have obtained with the last changes. Since there are so many photos, I created a shared folder to access and view.













Where did you get does atx power supplies from?

Why didn't you use any shielding?

Meitner ma1 v2 dac,  Sovereign preamp and power amp,

DIY speakers with scan speak illuminator drivers.

Raal SR1a

Under development:

NUC7i7dnbe, Euphony Stylus

Modded Buffalo-fiber-EtherRegen, DC3- Isoregen, Lush^2

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Hi Felipe, Here are some of my travels. 

I added HDPlex 400w ATX DC-DC adapters to both of my pcs and was amazed at the improvement. I previously used the nanoPSU. I shielded all internal power cables but didn't listen to see if I could hear a difference.

I built my own sata cable (for music hdd) with Kimber silver wire on the data lines, shielded twisted pairs, external shields, plus chassis ground connectors. This was an audible improvement.

I recommend ifi power x for the pcie cards. These give a nice benefit over lpsu in my system.


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