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Apple Airport Express - Cool Joy for $100!


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I just bought an Apple Airport Express yesterday.


I got it up and running from my emachines laptop into my stereo system in about 20 minutes. It sounds pretty good, and the ability to stream anything from iTunes from the PC to the Stereo System is really teriffic. Add to that the Apple Remote App from the iPhone/iPod touch and it is really amazing for whole house audio.


For $100, its wifi, plus an eithernet bridge, plus a decent DAC, with an optional optical output if I get a better DAC later on. And now I can watch a DVD on my laptop and hear the audio from the stereo!


Best Stereo System: Wired Sonos Connect -> AQ Cinammon Digital Coax -> Marantz SA-8005 -> AA Black Momba 2 interconnects -> Marantz PM-15S2 -> Kimber 8TC speaker Cables -> Zu Soul Superfly speakers.


Ingest> NAS> Distribution: Sony Vaio Laptop ripping via ITunes to Apple Lossless, manually synced to WD Mycloud NAS, Linksys 1900AC Router, Netgear Gig E switch, generic Ethernet cables, TPLinc ethernet power line extenders.

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plus a decent DAC


I wouldn’t dare calling it “decent” ;-) Try to get an external DAC real soon, connect it to the Airport Express via optical cable and hear the difference!


I use three Airport Express stations to stream music to different locations in the house, it’s really comfortable. I can’t remember the last time I played a CD from the CD player. Each Airport Express is connected to a stand-alone DAC; this way the sound is much, much better.


Gratulations and enjoy your Airport Express,




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Hi to everybody.

Pardon my ignorance but....is Apple Airport PC compatibile?

I'm using PS3 as Wireless receiver(thanks to PS3 media server) connect to my IntAmp via Dac Magic.Sounds very good but PS3 is a little bit fan-noising and i'm forced to use 48hz output to prevent chopping sound.

Fan-noise apart (i can live with it) ,is Apple Airport a better sounding device than PS3 ?

Thanks for your attention.


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