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IFI nano idsd Bl interaction with apps and led colors

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Hi everybody ,Enrico from Italy, sorry for my bad English .

I'm trying to understand all the possible uses of the dac with various applications.
If I use it with Tidal I have the led when it listens to MQA but how does the LED behave with other types of songs?
Since I only see magenta for MQA but then the LED is always white for any other type of music.
Let's move on to audirvana
If I link Tidal to audirvana it doesn't let me see the tracks in MQA but I see that also the MASTER like 16/44 reads them because?
I then tried to get a DSD 64 and the led that became BLUE became CYAN because?
If I listen to a song 24/96 I see the white led and also audirvana tells me on the left of the menu which is a 24/96 while on the right of the same menu I read 32/96
I tried a song 24/192 and obviously the LED remains white, but why?


Thank you

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Hi, sorry your post hasn’t elicited a reply. Things may be more active for this device at the Head-fi site, so maybe try your questions there?


Meanwhile I’m sure you’ve checked out the manual:




The firmware version number you’re using is also a key factor, and changes have added to the confusion around the iDSD Nano BL color LED scheme. I’ve never updated my firmware over the past two years because I saw a lot of complaints and uncertainty online about those changes (including how DSD and MQA playback are handled).


From the v. 5.30 firmware update notes at https://ifi-audio.com/downloads/ -


“Magenta is the official MQA LED colour on iFi machines. However, on legacy machines without the magenta LED option, when an MQA file is played, the LED colour will be white/yellow corresponding to the 384kHz file being played.

The actual LED colour is cosmetic – once firmware v5.30 is installed, the correct MQA filter is activated during MQA playback.

micro iDAC2 White  
micro iDSD Yellow  
micro iDSD BL Yellow  
nano iDSD White  
nano iDSD BL Magenta  
nano iDSD LE White  
nano iONE*    
RETRO Stereo 50 Magenta  
xDSD Magenta  

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