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Hi everyone, hello from Scotland! I have just signed up to this forum after reading for the last 4 weeks, fantastic information on this site. well done to all. 


I am looking for help/ thoughts with these 2 options on my network setup, which one would you recommend? I reason I am asking is I am ready to order Sablon Ethernet Cables to replace my Supra cables. Please be gentle, my first post. Here I go.....


Option 1 


  • Router - 10m Sablon Ethernet - TLS OXCO Switch - 1m Sablon to Server (Jcat Femto) - 1m Server Back to TLS OXCO Switch - 1m Switch to TLS DB-7 Streamer


Or Option 2


  • Router - 1m Sablon Ethernet - TLS Switch - 10m Sablon to Server (JCAT) - JCAT Bridge 1m Sablon - TLS DB-7


Maybe Option 3??


I've attached my Topology for reference


Thank you in advance


Kind regards from the men in Kilts!! :)

My Hifi.pdf

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Hi ASRMichael, 


I'd go with the option 1.  Keeping audio-grade switch close to your network audio devices is a better option in my opinion and based on my experience. 




JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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