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Using KRK ROKIT 5 G4 with multiple devices

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I'm a total newbie in these sort of things. The situation is that I am thinking on purchasing the KRK ROKIT 5 G4 studio (active) speakers (http://www.krksys.com/Studio-Monitors/ROKIT-5-G4). However, besides using this with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo (https://focusrite.com/usb-audio-interface/scarlett/scarlett-solo), I would also like to use these speakers for my Technics SL-1300 record player and a Bluetooth Audio Adapter (to play music from my phone). So I was wondering: is this possible? And, if yes, what else do I need to make this work besides the aforementioned devices (since I see the KRK ROKIT speakers only have one output)?


In the attachment you can see a scheme of my desired setup.

Hope you guys can help me out.




- Frank

Audio Sysytem.jpg

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