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Test Track for Soundstage

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Here is a test track which will play clip of male and female voice recorded at various position. I use this track to setup my system so that the system could reproduce the exact position during the playback. I will mark the chart and compare with the original position. It is also a good way to demo your system's accuracy by asking visitors to mark the chart. For an example, say, one excerpt of the sound was 15 degrees to the right and hopefully the listener's would mark an "11" around there on the chart.


The chart



The interesting part of the recording is that you localize better if you made the recording by yourself and often able to localize the position more accurately but if the recording was made by another person and if you do not have the prior knowledge of the location in the original event then you tend to localize them differently. The recording contains both ILD and ITD and pure stereo recording.


How many of the 14 excerpts you can accurately locate?


The clip.

Mixed position testCD.wav



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If you want a test track that is capable of filling the entire listening area with sound from just Stereo Speakers with a better than average system, then try 01.  Ascent, Zarathustra by Don Dorsey from the album Time Warp by Erich Kunzel


"If you can't hear the difference between an original CD and a copy of your CD,

you might as well give up your career as a tester. The difference between a reconstituted FLAC and full size WAV is much less than that, but it does exist. - Cookie Marenco"



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1 hour ago, sandyk said:

that is capable of filling the entire listening area


I have the said Telarc and CDs like these are the ones that will start disagreement of the positional accuracy. Some perceive certain instruments in front of other instruments and some perceive them to be behind. Simple test like this will point to system weakness and also listener's ability to localize accurately. In terms of angles and depth, I score zero. Depth is the tricky ones. 

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