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The ultimate Power Supply Units for music servers (and other devices for cleaner power source)

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I've just ordered a bunch of John Kenny's supercap psu's to try out. John's been a star over the years I've been into this hobby and I want to try out his latest product.


My order consisted of:

1 x 19v to replace bog standard SMPS on an Intel NUC (running roon server)

1 x 12v to try out instead of MPAudio HPULN powering a supermicro motherboard which is running HQ Player, or perhaps powering etherregen.

2 x 5v  to try out against various things: a) Some Paul Hynes regs that are currently powering 2 x bufallo IIIse-Pro boards, or b) a MPAudio HPULN powering JCAT network card,


...I'll report back!

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Can anyone report on a good experience they have had upgrading the standard IEC inlet on their power supply to one of the Furutech rhodium options?

Zenith SE > USPCB (5v off) > tX-USBultra 9V (SR4) > Sablon Reserva Elite USB > M Scaler > WAVE Stream bnc > DAVE > Prion4/Lazuli Reference > Utopia/LCD-4/HE1000se

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I was told that my 12V HDPlex can run the CPU alone at 5A. I am not sure what the minimum A in general. I believe numerous members have used some 5A PSU for CPU alone. It also depends on the CPU. I think u can check

with the manufacturer. Also isn’t true if u use a higher V you be able to run on a lower current? 

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