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Software to run headless native tidal support on a NUC?

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Any software out there, similar to say Roon ROCK that would just allow you to run your NUC solely as a headless Tidal player? I know that Roon incorporates Tidal very well, but if you're only interested in Tidal support then is there a simple answer out there?



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No, the official TIDAL provided apps don't support UPnP renderers. You have to use a UPnP controller app that also provides TIDAL access, eg, BubbleUPnP (Android only) or mconnect Player (Android & iOS, free Lite version available).


BTW, upmpdcli is both an OpenHome (aka UPnP with Linn extensions) renderer as well as a standard UPnP renderer, so you can also use an OpenHome controller with it, eg, the Linn Kazoo app. OpenHome is incompatible with standard UPnP and has its own (optional) mechanism for providing TIDAL access.


Also, don't expect to be able to stream TIDAL's MQA  file tracks using this method and there are no software UPnP renderers that can decode MQA files to the MQA Core signal (aka 'first unfold'). Only the mconnect Player controller app can properly get standard UPnP renderers to stream (undecoded) MQA file tracks from TIDAL's online server and you also need to use a full MQA decoding capable DAC if you require MQA decoding.


Personally, if online music service hi-res streaming is your aim, then I'd go for Qobuz instead of TIDAL as it supplies bog standard lossless hi-res FLAC file tracks and you can avoid the complication of decoding the lossy MQA tracks.

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