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Roon 2 PC setup question.

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If i have Roon on 2 pcs, one has Roon Os and the other is my windows pc with the normal roon app.

Can i upsample to DSD512 on my windows pc and send it to the Roon Os pc, basically the Roon Os pc can`t handle DSD512 so i want to know if it is possible to get DSD512 using this method.

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@BOBO -- upsampling to DSD512 takes a seriously powerful PC.


Roon operates where the data flows from the PC running Roon Core (server) to a PC running Roon Bridge (endpoint).  The PC running Roon Core does the upsampling.


The alternative is to use HQPlayer.  My understanding is that people use a second powerful PC to run HQPlayer and then run NAA on the endpoint.

source:  intel nuc8i5 (audiolinux, roon core) > intel nuc6i5 (win10, ao, fidelizer pro, dirac live, roon) > schiit yggdrasil (gen 5, analog 2)
headphone rig:  bryston bha-1 > senn hd600
two-channel rig:  bryston bha-1 > parasound a21 > monitor audio gx100

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