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SMS ULTRA - No Wifi / Internet Streaming - Yes it is possible

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It was by accident I discovered this. Has anyone else found this and tried it?

1. I run a Hqplayer / NAA streaming setup using the SMS Ultra Neo as the Endpoint.

2. I use a second internet router ASUS AC-86 to set up a dedicated audio network separate from the fiber broadband that my ISP provides.

3. A dedicated network switch Netgear GS 105 NA hooks my Pc to the SMS 200 ultra

4. I run the broadband router, the ASUS and the Netgear all on LPS..

5. I always power on the broadband modem on Lps from the factory switching PS.. interrupting the wifi for few minutes during reboot! Drives my family crazy!

6. Last week early morning listening session I disconnected the factory PSU to my broadband modem.. as usual and then booted up my Asus and the Netgear .. the Hqplayer Server .. 

Usually if I am patient and if  I did not change any settings on the Eunhasu web interface, Hqplayer will find the NAA Endpoint automatically .. just boot up the HQplayer server after the Asus and Netgear is on line for say 5 minutes. 

So I did not bother to use my Iphone Eunhasu web interface .. Just started listening music😇

7. My wife shouted " Hey why No internet?"

 I said : "Cannot be My Music playing fine"

Then i called up Eunhasu .. oops no server found

8. I had forgotten to power up the LPSU for the broadband modem😂 So no internet. 

BUT MUSIC us streaming and sounds SO Good


In short if I dont want to change any Eunhasu settings I run my system Without any Ethernet Or. Wifi.. Works Great dead silence black backgrounds.. 





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