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Computer server that grew over the years -$550 plus shipping.

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I moved away from home built server since commercial servers are evolving and becoming easy to use and retain great sonic qualities.


The power supply for this unit created noise in my system so I tossed it.  Any good power supply would work great.  I decided not to replace it since the new owner would wish to use their preferred power supply.  This unit has many goodies and evolved into 3-4K in hardware and software.  Some are listed below....


audiophile optimizer
windows server 2012 r2
paul pang red cable
80 gb SLC SSD 
jcat usb card




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Two other questions:

1.  How much RAM?

2.  What are the power requirements?  It looks like there is an input (unscrewed) where the external power supply can be used to supply power Is that correct?

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