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no response from CA editor


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Hi, I have send an email to editor (at computeraudiophile.com) about two weeks ago (November 9th) and did not get any response.


The mail was about asking permission to start a topic about a new product I am developing. Yesterday I did create the new topic but after a while it was deleted, and no response again...


I think it would at least be polite to give me some response, or am I wrong?





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It appears you got your response.


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Arend - Your email is one of a hundred in my inbox from people I don't know. I try to respond to everyone in a timely manner but, like everyone else, I must prioritize my work.


Here is your answer. You are not allowed to conduct market research on Computer Audiophile by asking potential customers direct questions. It's not just you. It's the thousands of other manufacturers as well. Please take this in the spirit in which it's intended. No offense meant.


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