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Computer AES/EBU or Digital Coaxial Output to 32 Bit DAC


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I have a shuttle XP based music server running Media Monkey/ITunes currently connected to a Peachtree DAC thru USB. I have recently ordered a Eastern Electric MiniMax 32 Bit DAC.It has been recommended to use the AES/EBU XLR or S/PDIF( Digital Coaxial cables) input to get the finest 32 bit playback thru the MiniMax.


Any recommendations on a soundcard that would give me the pure AES/EBU digtal outputs I need?




Other equipment - Kilipsch HBR(1970's)speakers(right/left) with JBL L100 Century center speaker running off of SCA-35 Dynaco amp... odd but it rocks...


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The M2Tech Evo seems an obvious choice, though it's quite expensive.


Another option would be to buy a 'cheap' hiFace for now and upgrade your DAC once they've got async USB sorted out...




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