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Which source should i buy?!

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Hello guys.


i have a streamer/dac that i want....and a macbook. Also i have a rpi 3 b+. I have try audirvana,foobar,jriver,moode,volumio,roon.


i just wondering if i can upgrade to something better from that.

With rpi using a power supply ifi ipower and i think i am loosing something.body maybe...and i am not pretty source if a better power supply will be a day and night to other solution.


with macbook and roon using the rpi as end point i have the best way for music. 

Foobar and jriver aren't for my taste. Audirvana is just ok.


The 851n is also ok....and i didn't try to compare with roon. I connect the hhd to 851n and i play from there.


so what do you suggest?!


a signature and spakry with usb bridge is also a solution but i don't think that is a killer machines.


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I have friends who have gotten teh smaller Memory Player for Laufer.  www.thememoryplayer.net   if you get in touch with Sam, he can discuss with you what he can do to help.  They make the best players right now and it's not close.  Their software lower the jitter big time.  I own their top unit and am blown away by the great sound.  I notice so many folks making things complicated and saving only a few dollars and still not getting what they want IRT sound.  


Every single time you add something in digital it's a crap shoot.  Noise and jitter just get in the way.  It's a system just like in analog audio.  Not every piece goes together regardless of highly rated they are.  I have spent a lot of money to just send my system the cleanest power I can.  Even the power cords on digital gear is HUGE.  It's also not always the most expensive that works best.  Right now I'm with the Audioquest power cords and Niagara over the TOTL Synergistic Research I formerly owned as it just sounds much better in my application.  YMMV as it's digital and each house/room is so different when it comes to power delivery etc...  JMHO

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