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Hi Phil,
I have been looking for some information in the new manual (AO 3.0) and was surprised that important information are no longer part of the new manual (BIOS settings, Basic DOS Commands, Network Tuning, etc.). Did this happen by accident or on purpose?


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Hi Martin


No worries, the information did not get lost. But the main guide (AO) had to get much smaller. It came down from about 65 pages to nearly half of that. The Main guide is now only about AO and nothing else. Therefore we created new, more specific guides.


See page 4 in the AO guide, you will then find these infos :) What you are looking for is in the "Computer Audio Beset Practices" Guiude.


Computer Audio Best Practices Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/computer_audio_best_practices_guide.pdf
Windows Server 2019 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2019_setup_guide.pdf
Windows Server 2016 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2016_setup_guide.pdf
Windows Server 2012 R2 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2012R2_setup_guide.pdf
Windows 10 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows10_setup_guide.pdf




ıllıllı [  ...AO 3.00 IS HERE... ] ıllıllı


Shop | Core Audio Music Server | Reviews | Reference System | AudiophileOptimizer 3.00 | PDF Guide


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