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90.3 KEXP-FM Seattle

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I was glad to see PeterSt and a few others enjoyed their archive after posting a few in studio performances in a thread here.  For the most part lively, relevant, and entertaining radio is a part of the past in the US.  KEXP and American Public Media are about the only two left that invested in new technology to rebuild an audience that is largely fractured.  


YouTube is rapidly losing commercial viability (paying less out while seeing higher traffic and growing ad heavy).  Not all the smaller players have a platform for their content, but I'd enjoy it now just in case something changes here.


Sorry, back to musical selections.

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Despite having subscription to streaming services like TIDAL, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Soundcloud etc  I find myself spending more time on Youtube.  The content being posted on Youtube has grown exponentially and the quality is getting better everyday.  By actively curating my Google account,  my news feeds are more or less free of politics, relevant to my interests and in my opinion getting better by the day.


It's clear that those who embrace this are the ones enjoying success.  And KEXP is one of those that has been actively working on their game.



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