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Article: Radiohead Gets Hacked, Sells 18 Hour Archive For £18

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Thank you Chris. Bought the flac version.  Looking forward to hearing this stuff.

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I bought the flac version yesterday.  I haven't listened to much of it yet, there is a lot of it to get though!


I am very much enjoying what I have listened to so far, the good bits are good, and the bad bits are interesting.  I have just been listening to MD114 and the section between about 11 and 18 minutes is fascinating, it sounds more like the Future Sound of London than Radiohead.  Although this does perhaps provide a hint as to the gestation period of some of the more electronic based material that appeared on later albums.  Little sections like this make the MD's great fun to listen to, and very interesting.


Earlier in this thread there was a little debate about the fact that Mini Disc is lossy.  One thing I would say is that to me, subjectively, the sound quality of the "Hacked" release is excellent.  In fact from an "Audiophile" perspective most of it sounds considerably better than either the Original OK Computer release or even the 2017 remastered 24 bit "OK Not OK" release, both of which sound like they are a little "pushed to the edge", often sounding right on the edge of digital distortion to me.  The material on the lossy MD's very often sounds very natural and realistic, even when the band are slipping up a bit or experimenting.  Back to the old adage of the quality of the recording and mastering being vastly more important the release format.


Anyway, enough Audiophile nonsense, last to say that I am very much looking forward to listening to the next 14 hours.....

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