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FOR SALE: 4-rail Sean Jacobs DC3 Linear Power Supply

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I have 4 rails of the DC3 - level SJ power supply for sale. They have his top of the line components, including the big Mundorf caps Innuos uses in their $14K Statement. Actually, I believe the power supply is identical to the Statement with the exception of the toroidal transformer. I use an oversized 300VA top quality toroidal transformer per SJ’s recommendations.



The current configuration is:

5V @5A

3.3V @1.5A

12V @1.5A

5V @1.5A

But that can be changed. 


Since this power supply was in my prototype chassis, that have too many holes, I bought a brand new chassis with heatsinks on both sides. I haven’t mounted the components yet, so it’s easy to customize in terms of configuration, hookup wire, connectors, voltages, number of rails, etc. Send me a PM. 



As for quality, before I had this power supply, I used a number of Uptone Audio UltraCap lps-1.2  charged by various linear power supplies. I always liked the SJ PS better than the lps-1.2. While the lps-1.2 is an amazing device, I believe the 'energizers' were not up to the level of this SJ power supply (e.g. oversized toroidal, bug Mundorf caps, choke, etc.). 


The reason I am selling it is because I am moving to another project and have different power requirements. Sean’s price for a pre-built power supply is around $3,000. I will sell for $1,500. 

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