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ripping SACDs

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You can also use an early Sony Playstation 3 to rip SACD's.....this is how many of us started with that process and you can still find the appropriate PS3's up for sale from people who no longer have a need for them. You can learn about this method HERE

CAPS Pipeline with HDPlex Linear PSU running Win10 64 bit, AO 2.0, RoonServer, HQPlayer -> T+A DAC8 DSD -> Linear Tube Audio's MicroZOTL2 Headphone Amp with Mojo Audio's Illuminati Linear PSU -> Focal Utopia/Hifiman HE-1000/Audeze LCD-3

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I use a Sony S390 Blu-ray player with a Mac Mini and it works like a charm but the same can be done with other Sony players as well as some Oppo and some Pioneer players.


NOTE: The barrier of entry for learning the process if the nature of online forums - one has to spend hours and hours finding the right posts or piecing together posts. Then, there will be those who provide steps but leave out steps they consider too obvious but make people throw their players at a wall.




I am currently working on a guide for a few a players but I am not sure where it should be posted unless forum admins are willing to create new threads with curated PDFs pinned to the top. The guide I'm writing assumes nothing and offers troubleshooting at each step. 


I'm about a week away from completion.


Feel free to direct message me and I can provide some sane instructions that are not part of hundred page threads of tangents that venture into cables, mastering and factory tours.

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