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I recently bought a receiver SONY DN1080.
I'm amazed wwith the sound and features of this device (otherwise I would not be able to say goodbye to my old and strong Marantz SR6300).
The SN1080 is very easy to setup but not so easy in terms of finding the best sound. But there I did - I forgot the 7.1 - I only stayed in 5.1 but... BI-AMP.
It is difficult to find an amplifier that is good in multichannel but also in stereo as this really is. And at that price ...
Among other things, it reads DSD, DFF, 24-96, 24-192 directly from USB or DLNA.

And it is precisely DLNA that I continue with doubts or without finding the best way.

The software from SONY (Music Center) is reasonable on Android but the PC version ... very weak. I can not even organize files by folders.
Twice I tried PLEX but it did not work well.

What will be the best software or APP to send files from PC to Sony but with a nice folders organization (cover art, etc)?

At this time i use the «Serviio» on the PC and the APP «Media House». Are there other solutions?

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