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[FS] Shunyata Guardian 6 - superb power conditioner $399 shipped!

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For sale Shunyata Guardian 6 power conditioner. 

This is a no nonsense version of the renowed Hydra 6 power conditioner in a no frills box. Used to cost $749 in 2006 (so would probably be double that in 2019 money). 


You can connect your whole audio (or AV) system into it, or use it to sink all the noisy switch mode PSUs that most of us have nowadays, preventing them from polluting our AC line with noise.

$399 shipped FIRM as the price already includes UPS express shipping from Poland and PayPal fee (which means, that I'm basicly only getting $280 ...).

I have seen one sold on ebay for $520+shipping (~$550 effectively) just a few weeks back.

Mint condition with OBM.




PC: Hot rodded CAPS v4 Pipeline: Teradak ATX linear PSU, Jcat Femto USB card, UpTone Audio JS-2 + 2x LPS-1.2 combo, Jcat SSD battery PSU, Jcat SATA cable, TotalDAC D1 USB cable, SOtM sMS-200, W4S Recovery USB, Jcat USB Isolator, Win 2012, AO v2.10

Digital: Lampizator Pacific DAC

Amp: Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo

Speakers: Magcio M3

Cables: AudioQuest WEL Signature IC / Shunyata Anaconda Z-Tron SC

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