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Hey folks, just a note to announce that Sonore will be exhibiting at The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (https://www.audiofest.net) late this summer.  We are getting very excited about the show, and that we will have a superb demo system fully capable of showing off the performance of the Signature Rendu SEoptical.  It is a little too early to announce the complete details of our electronics and speakers, suffice it to say that the system is going to be compromised of some of the finest performing audio components available.  I can say that power distribution and all cabling will be provided by Cardas, with Clear series power cables, XLR cables, and speaker cables.  

Now is the time to start considering attending the show, late summer is a beautiful time of year for making a visit to Colorado.  Stay tuned to this thread and the Sonore Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SonoreAudio/) for future announcements. 

ROON: DSD 256-Signature Rendu optical--Buffalo PRO (ESS 9038) or DSC-2--Ncore 400 Stereo-Focus Audio FS888-JL E-112 sub-Nordost Tyr USB, Cardas Clear AC, XLR, & speaker cables-Synergistic Blue & Hi Fi Tuning Supreme Cu Fuses, Dark Matter system clarifiers.    Design/Build Consultant with Sonore


                                                                                                  SONORE computer audio

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