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Recent Stuart and Craven paper from JAES.

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16 minutes ago, esldude said:



Free download. 

New in May 2019.

Thought maybe discussion of this separate from other threads might make sense. 


A Hierarchical Approach for Audio Capture, Archive, and Distribution.


If Bob's writing got any more flowery, they'd have to store the articles in greenhouses.  Can anyone interpret (briefly) what Bob said?

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Those this is mostly about image processing it covers some of the same features of B splines.  


Other people are looking at the same ideas for audio.



And for digital crossovers and EQ.



Whether it jibes with Bob's ideas I don't know. But they all cite the same advantages.  


To paraphrase Rick James, "sighted listening is a helluva drug".

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It is mostly a rehash of 2014's "A Hierarchical Approach to Archiving and


perception = controlled hallucination, hallucination = uncontrolled perception

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