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SOLD: Wireworld Starlight Ethernet Cable 2m - Mint

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Mint condition 2 meter Starlight Cat 8 Ethernet Cable in original box with end clips. $270 new, selling for $190. Considered the best value in Ethernet cables, see the reviews. Dynamic, with deep controlled bass.  If you're connecting components via Ethernet (e.g., server to streamer) a good Ethernet cable is  essential. 


 Selling because I'm upgrading to the platinum.




The Starlight CAT8 is very different sounding Ethernet cable when compared to my AudioQuest Diamond or Vodka Ethernet cables. The Starlight CAT8 is more extended sounding at the high and low end. This cable has a bit of midrange presence that I liked and didn’t find to be annoying in terms of brightness. The retrieval of high-end detail is outstanding. The midbass of the Starlight CAT8 is very controlled as is the low end. Dynamic contrasts, both micro and macro, are beautifully rendered and very easy to hear.

The Audioquest Diamond and Vodka have smoothness at the high end that some, no doubt, will prefer. But I find the Starlight CAT8 to be the more revealing cable. The soundstage rendered by the Starlight CAT8 is the largest I have heard extending far beyond the lateral borders of my speakers. There is also very good depth reproduction if captured on the recording.

The Starlight CAT8 reminded me sonically of what I heard when I reviewed the Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0 Cable. If you like this USB cable, I suspect that you will love the Starlight CAT8.

Incidentally, for those of you that feel that there are no differences between Ethernet cables, I did some comparisons with a CAT6 Belden Ethernet cable and the Starlight CAT8. The Starlight CAT8 trounced the Belden in terms of sound quality.


...Back and forth and back and forth… I would rank the Wireworld as a distant winner, this was a night and day difference that no one can miss. Smooth highs, nice body, a new full midrange that was previously lacking, and a live sound! 2nd is a draw between the $20 Belden and the $365 Cardas… these are different but I’m not sure which is better. Last is the Vodka which was a music killer for me… analytical way too agressive with the highs… sibilance off the charts.

I don’t know why the WW sounds so different. It could be the Cat8 but I’m also suspecting the non-twisted geometry and use of triple shielding. They say it reduces skew in the signal. Who knows, I just know this is the equivalent as a power cable change or greater to my ears in my system going with the Wireworld. The difference between the Cardas and Belden was maybe much more subtle… and the AQ was awful which I was not expecting.

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