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Warm Pleasant Desktop Speakers

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It's been a couple of weeks now with the Warfedale Denton 80s and the HSU sub I bought to go along with them.


Overall I'm pretty impressed with this setup.  It's very dynamic and "fast" sounding with a lot of instrument separation.  The bass is really well integrated.  I spent a lot of extra time getting the sub position and parameters set up.  Really a lot.


I even re-arranged my room so that I'm sitting very close to a wall and my desk and speakers are near the center of the room.  This improved the bass a good bit and the midrange and highs as well.  Instruments became even more separated after this re-arranging.


The sound is actually more "audiophile" and revealing than any other system I've had.  Some of my systems have been far more expensive.  The bass in particular is some of the best over the entire range that I've ever heard from my systems and really even from most audio shop systems I can think of.  But that's the sub integration.  The bass from the Dentons alone is OK, but they have 5" drivers.  So you're never going to get real bass from them.  The HSU makes a huge difference.


Vocals in particular are pretty incredible.  I'm not sure I've ever heard Mark Knopfler or Michael McDonald or BIlly Joel sound as full of life as on these.  The chest resonance really makes them sound "big", but the emphasis on the upper midrange also gives just a ton of detail to the voices.


I wouldn't exactly call the Dentons "warm".  They are extremely revealing, but also not terribly harsh.  When played loud or with music that's kind of "forward" or complex (think loud rock or metal) they get a bit unpleasant and I usually turn it back down.  I bought an NAD integrated amp to go with them hoping it might warm the sound up some.  I don't think the NAD did any "warming", but I think the overall sound is better now; more smooth and maybe a smidge less strident or harsh.


I think my listening distance plays a big role in this.  My ears are around 3 feet from each speaker.  When I push back from the desk and nearly touch the back wall, the forward nature of the sound (like the singer is very close to you) goes away and they sound a bit different.  I'll probably play with position a bit more.


I've got the treble on the NAD turned down a few notches which helps.  But it doesn't really change the character of the speakers.  It's just a tweak.


As you can see I'm happy, but have slightly mixed impressions.



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