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Article: Metadata the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry

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When they pay, the streaming service companies are paying extremely small amounts to artists for every streamed song/album.

If they are willingly (or at least are aware that they are) not paying the artists , the streaming business model will just die.


Artists will need to look for other alternatives to sell their music, otherwise they risk of having no income at all.

In the bigger markets like the US, services like Bandcamp and Juno are already trying to offer a valid alternative, especially to the newer artists.

But for the more local oriented artists living in e.g. Belgium or one of the Nordic  countries, it will be extremely hard to get be known outside of their own country.


Anyway, this only re-enforces my attitude in supporting artists, in buying their album if I like it and want to have it in my collection.

Question remains if the same issues with the metadata could impact the payout of purchased (downloaded) albums to the artists as well?


A lot of issues to be concerned about







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Am I missing something here. For the labelled artists, surely if a track is streamed, the relevant people who made the track are registered with the label. Once the label receives the cash for the stream by the 'name of the track', the royalties are divided up to what's on the label's database, or are the labels too lazy to work that out?

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