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peachtree nova questions


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i am about to take the plunge on the NOVA and would like a few clarifications before I do :)


I plan to stream audio from my imac through an airport express connected to the NOVA via toslink. Originally, i was thinking of the idecco. But with the advent of airplay, i dont think ill need the ipod dock anymore. So i figure, might as well go ahead with a unit with a bit more power. If i connect via optical cable, all the digital to analog conversion happens in the NOVA right? so if I airplay my ipod to the NOVA, via the airport express, it's the same as having a dock on the nova, and having the NOVA decode the digital signals right? (im really a noobie with regard to this so pls go easy)


Second, i plan to invest in some decent floorstanders. Not anything extravagant. But enough to do justice to the NOVA. As I will be using the NOVA as a stand alone unit, will it be able to drive the Totem Acoustic Sttaf?


Thanks everyone.




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It should be ok, but if you bought it a dedicated mac mini, I predict you would find it less limiting. The USB is limited to 16-bit, but the toslink can do 24-bit.


They plan a supernova if you require more power.


The airport express will output digital, not analogue, but my guess is you will find it limiting.


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The Airport Express connected via optical is limited to 16/44.1 and all of the digital to analog conversion will take place in your Nova. Whether the sound quality is "limited" is up to your ears and the quality of the files you're playing.


The Nova should drive the Totems well in a reasonably sized room.




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