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New to Allo Digione, instructions for first connecting seems very confusing?

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 I ordered a DigiOne Signature with Volumio pre-installed & I'm reading the Installation guide, but immediately I'm confused.


The .pdf instructions from Allo.com says to


"Connect the sbc to a monitor and find the ip address using ifconfig".


SBC? They don't tell us what SBC stands for. Do they mean the DigiOne? Connect it to a monitor as in, my LCD panel or do they mean connect the DigiOne via USB to my PC?

Also ifconfig? Is that a typo? Shouldn't it be ipconfig?


All I'm trying to do is to connect my DAC via coax to the DigiOne & it to my computer, so I can play music off a MicroSD card I have.


Instructions seem pretty straightforward afterwords, with just typing in http://volumio.local in any web browser on my PC & setting everything up.


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