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Philharmonic Audio alternative

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Hello everyone,


So I’ve had the Philharmonic Affordable Accuracy Monitors (1st edition) for a while now and I had planned on getting a second pair (the revised ones) and moving the old pair to the back in the future when I could.

I also hoped to purchase the center channel so everything would match. Seeing as the owner of the brand has stepped down from the business due to health reasons (hope he gets better) what are some alternatives that have a similar sound and are a similar price? As I understand it, Dennis sacrificed a lot to keep the price down and the sound quality top-notch so I’m sure it’ll be hard to find something similar to the AAs.

I just appreciated supporting someone so invested in their product that they did their best to please audiophiles on a modest budget.

I know the center channel is a modified Pioneer product. So I’d also like to ask how difficult would it be to modify the speaker on one’s own for someone who knows little to nothing about speaker modification.

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I don't know about speaker modification, but Ascend Acoustics is a company with similar philosophies and products. The president, Dave Fabrikant, is an engineer and chief designer. He makes amazing speakers with very little markup and participates in forums. I bought a pair of the Sierra 2s, and they are astoundingly good, very happy owner here.




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