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Sound quality issues with Logitech Music Server software?

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Hello everyone,,

I am in the market for a fairly high-end music server. The problem is that as a blind audiophile, several of the most popular options for software on these servers are not accessible to a blind user. One option I might have is to use the Peng IOS package to access music available on or through a music server that runs the Logitech software platform. I discovered this option through email conversations with Innuos. There are other hardware options I'm considering, such as Wolf Audio Systems.


Given advancements in server mobdro lucky patcher kodi software from the likes of Roon and JRiver, what is the opinion of the CA community regarding the sound quality of good server hardware running the Logitech software?


Remember, I may have to give up a full feature rich experience like Roon simply to get software that will allow me to add music to the server, find music to play, build playlists and access streaming services like Tidal, Spotify etc. However, I'd hate to spend relatively high dollar amounts on server hardware only to have the SQ compromised significantly by the Logitech software.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions you have.

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Logitech software is fine SQ wise. I’ve also used Roon and JRiver. My favorite is Roon, for the user interface. But IMO, your choice is about features and what works for you.

You will probably find those differences more signiicant than any SQ differences.
There are also, btw, many users who swear by LMS as actually the best sounding of the bunch. 
You also aren’t giving up much in the way of features with LMS. It’s open source with lots of users, and so updates and new features are still being added. No problem using it with streaming services, etc., using plugins you can download. It’s not as slick as Roon, but is still a very good, full featured software - and it is free. 

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I'm a happy LMS/Squeezelite user but I've never tried Roon so I can't compare the two soundwise! ☺️

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