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Dreams and Daggers Cécile McLorin Salvant

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Dreams and Daggers by Cécile McLorin Salvant

Available @  https://bluecoastmusic.com

2017 Grammy Winner for Best Jazz Vocal Album!


The best jazz singer to come along this century. You can hear the influence of the greats - especially Betty Carter - Cecile outshines any current jazz singer. This mostly live album also includes the very talented Aaron Diehl on piano. Excellent recording, beautiful songs, beautiful talent. I can't say anything that hasn't been said. Of course she is brilliant and may get bored and decide to become a brain surgeon or something equally boring. There is nothing not to like!



Cécile is accompanied by: Aaron Diehl – piano, Paul Sikivie – double bass, Lawrence Leathers – drums; on all selections except for the following: “And Yet,” “More,” “You’re My Thrill” and “The Worm” with trio and string quartet, “Red Instead” and “Fascination” with string quartet, “You’ve Got To Give Me Some” piano only with Sullivan Fortner; Catalyst Quartet: Karla Donehew Perez & Suliman Tekalli – violins, Paul Laraia – viola, Karlos Rodriguez – cello


1        And Yet    1:06
2        Devil May Care    6:56
3        Mad About The Boy    6:52
4        Sam Jones’ Blues    2:59
5        More    3:33
6        Never Will I Marry    4:02
7        Somehow I Never Could Believe    9:55
8        If A Girl Isn’t Pretty    2:55
9        Red Instead    0:34
10        Runnin’ Wild    1:39
11        The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me)    7:08
12        You’re My Thrill    4:34
13        I Didn’t Know What Time It Was    6:29
14        Tell Me What They’re Saying Can’t Be True    5:29
15        Nothing Like You    3:49
16        You’ve Got To Give Me Some    6:11
17        The Worm    1:03
18        My Man’s Gone Now    6:27
19        Let’s Face The Music And Dance    6:55
20        Si J'étais Blanche    5:14
21        Fascination    1:27
22        Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues    6:50
23        You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me    9:53




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