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Kenny Burrell GoFundMe

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This is definitely legit! See this post from Jazz Times for more info.  What's so bizarre about it is that he's a full time faculty member at UCLA and (as confirmed by UCLA per the linked article) he has full health coverage and benefits. So I don't quite understand how it got this bad, and neither does UCLA.  Nevertheless, it's true. 


The Jazz Foundation of America is also now involved (see this statement from them), and it appears that he'll now get the support he so badly needs. The GoFundMe campaign has raised about $130k, so the Burrells are secure for the present.


The fact that anyone can have such trouble is depressing enough.  It's even more scary when it's one of our national treasures in his senior years, still contributing to society despite adversity after decades of a positive productive life. Depressing for sure!!

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Coverage is unfortunately never 100% though.  Especially a surgery, I had a minor arthroscopy with good insurance and still had to pay out a few grand, since we hadn't hit our family deductible yet. 


Fortunately they are smashing their fundraising goal which is great.

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