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Diyinhk pcb help

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hi guys, i bought this power supply and i need some help. 
0.56uV Ultralow noise DAC power supply regulator +-9/12/15V 1.5A*2 - DIYINHK would like to use it as a positive power supply and parallelized to have 2A total. It arrived as you see in the picture, with the three jp1 pins not connected together a.
I connected the two secondary  of the same transformer, each to an ac inpute of the pcb and
 if I check with the tester on the output with the blue connector, with the common on the central pin, I get 15V positive and -15V respectively with the positive on the  right pin and on the left pin. what should I do to get a positive voltage but using the 4 lt3045 in parallel? these are some diyhink answers

"This bipolar power supply is using two identical rail combined together.
the ac input must be supplied by two dedicated secordary from the transformer, centre-tap transformer cannot be used. One rail can be damaged immediately if the ac input is shared to the other rail.
JP1 is used for people who want to use this bipolar power supply as two individual positve power supply, they can cut JP1 and seperate the bipolar power supply as two individual rail"

"Do not share the same ac input between different rail, the pcb can be damaged.
if JP1 is cut, this bipolar power supply as two individual positve power supply and the dc output can be parallel directly, but one rail may be hotter than the other if the your wire resistance is not equal."

Thank you

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I would have another read of the notes...

I don't think you can and according again to the notes 1A(2) is burst mode not constant current, the devices only supply 500mA full current, so I would rather de-rate that.

Without reverse engineering the PCB or having a schematic I would be wary of modding the supply.

My recommendation would be to get a supply that can do at least 3A, then you will have your 2A and some overhead. I have looked at the pictures but not enough detail to make any judgement that I would stand by, as there are dangerous voltages present always be cautious. Using these devices a larger PTH pre-regulator on a heatsink is a better idea, feeding the device with a supply about 1V above your desired output voltage. This limits the dissipation in the LT3045's, being SMD you need careful considerations for heat removal. These are used a lot on PCBs for local supply voltages, just doing some stuff with its larger cousin the LT3065, on a 12 layer board so plenty of copper to dissipate the heat...


Don't know why they put gold plated PCB, its got ENIG on the pads, not gold plated at this price, plus gold plating dosn't do much on a PCB, its not as conductive as copper... Other than that nice little supplies, and having the SMD stuff pre-soldered is great.

Sorry I can't be of more help, the pictures I have downloaded from your link are not clear enouygh to determine tracking etc. i.e. reverse engineer the design.

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