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In AO 3.00 the ServiceTool's DriverHelper brings a new sub-module -> Install HD-Audio drivers. If you follow this procedure before you install your DAC driver chances are very high that you will have to install it only once and no longer have to uninstall and reinstall it.


Also, if you are facing issues with driver signature enforcement (you have to press F8 and disable driver signature enforcement on each boot), this will help your DAC driver to get working at all and also remove the need to press F8 and disable driver signature enforcement on each boot. Before you can use this feature, you have to press F8 during boot and disable the driver signature enforcement manually, this needs to be done only one time but it is absolutely crucial you do it before you run the Install HD-Audio drivers feature.


Once booted you have to launch ServiceTool, then choose the DriverHelper and then select "Install HD-Audio drivers". Once you started the installation you must be prompted 4 red windows warnings about the installation of unsigned drivers. If and only if you see these 4 warnings and accept them, the HD audio drivers will be correctly installed. You do not need to press F8 again on the following boots, it's just for that one boot before you use that feature.


If you cannot get it to work, disable the Secure Boot feature in your BIOS/UEFI!








Enjoy it,


ıllıllı [  ...AO 3.00 IS HERE... ] ıllıllı


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Hi everyone,
in my system I have a PinkFaun I2S-Bridge card. If I install Win 2019 with GUI the card is recognized as an HD Audio Device without any problem. By switching to Win 2019 Core the card is not recognized. I followed the HD Audio drivers installation procedure and the card is recognized, but at every start I have to disable the signature driver. In bios I have already disabled secure boot. An anomalous thing that happens compared to Phil's instructions is that when I install the HD drivers only once the red screen appears and not 4 times as per the instructions. What can I do? Thanks.

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