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NAD M22 V2 Class D Amplifier..any comments?

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Hello All,  


Anyone using or had a listen to this amp.  I am not a GUTB and so have a more reasoned approach to Class D.  I find this product to be interesting and would welcome any comments.


Thanks in advance

ROON ROCK, & linear SBooster power supply.  AQ Ethernet to DEVIALET mono blocks,  Nordost Heimdall to Magico Q3.  Power by AQ Niagara 5000 with Tornado PC.

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I owned this amp for a while driving some Martin Logan Montis.  It did the job and could handle their tough load.


When I demoed this amp with Sopra 2's in a very damped showroom, the NAD amp showed its ass a little bit.


It sounded pretty dry and clinical compared to the Class AB amps on-hand "under the microscope" of this room.  I sold it and moved on.



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What a class D should always be able to do is go loud without obvious issues; it's the handling of delicate treble that would separate them strongly - I would audition with something with lots of light touch, cymbal splashing content; how well is that reproduced?






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